A Tale of 3 Ends

So as my last week rounded up at Spectrum health as did my ending of Vans Warped tour and the last year I would  go with my under age daughter.

The last days as at work were bitter sweet. Finely got someone to go out and have dinner and drinks with me. Karen, I will miss her. She is an Awesome person! Vibrant, no nonsense young at heart! We had talked about hopefully doing stuff in the future! I was surprised to hear from the a lot of residents that they would miss me and I brought some fun and smiles into their lives. <3. Said goodbyes and hugs to staff and other travelers I liked and met on this journey.

I got sent home early one day. So the was AWESOME! so I went to John Ball Zoo. Which is very nice and if I lived in GR and had little ones this would be a weekly trip. They extended the animals habits with tunnels made of fencing or netting like you do for hamster cages. Very cool idea! It’s a small zoo but nice and clean.

Then I drove around and walked around downtown a bit. Yes in my Scrubs still after all I’m a traveling nurse so I live in these things, saw some cute shops, restaurants, interesting ppl. Only later the next day, I was were I probably shouldn’t have been. Again nothing unusual for me.

Saying goodbye to the condo is bitter sweet. My home away from home. my Casita in the City as advertised on Airbnb. Safe, quite, clean, close to everything! Nice neighbors. Even enjoyed listening to the GR Eagles Football team practice, they played good music, BUT, I will miss the front porch the most! And Marica is a Wonderful host!

Friday was my last day of working, I rolled into home around 1 or 2 am after working 16 hrs. Then  time to get up early to go to Chicago to get Warped for the last time. Another bitter sweet ending. As a parent with a child under 18 with a ticket u get in free. And I get extras being a Nurse they always thank me for  my service.  I was SUPER excited this year cause my favorite band Bowling for Soup was gonna be there! After going for several years and of course this year was sold out and not the normal crowd, cause it was “oh my gosh it’s the last year we have to go crowd” mixed with the regular crowd. They put the good bands on in the afternoon so ppl were leaving early. It rained of and on all day. Ppl watching wasn’t even that interesting or I was just tired. I did meet the lead singer of simple plan,( I think) someone was hitting on him so he sat down beside me and started eating my fries. He said I looked safe, is that key word for old? Anyways, by 7 or so I was nice and dry and in my truck in the parking lot.  Which I had the best time all day chatting with the car neighbors.  The girls LOL! Ended up in the wrong parking lot and it took them forever to get to the truck.

So End of Spectrum Health, End of Cool mom getting in free at concert, and the RIP, Last Ever Vans Warped Tour

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