Crack, Boom, blah…

So, our fire works here in my little town of New Buffalo were on July 3. My Illinois neighbor s showed up. The ones across the street are very nice. The one behind me I have never met in all the time I have lived here.

We went to the beach as usual to see the fire works I was already feeling Mr. Meniers creeping up on me so I took have a pill. I figured with all the people it would be stimulation overload! So we sat back at the end of the parking lot, and I found some sand to play with and plenty of people to watch. It’s funny being a Nurse cause sometimes you sit and diagnosis people by looking at them. Any Who…Illinois (FIPS) amaze me at times. The road it shut down people are sitting in the road the band is playing fireworks are going off… then … I’m assuming they want to beat the traffic an want to leave. Even ask the cop to tell people to get out of the road. How Amazing! You are stuck till fireworks and people leave then you can leave in your car. This is not a new thing.. Oh! And just because your lights are set to automatically come on you can still turn them off!!!

Then the 4th hits. Still not feeling great. Heh.. normal morning routine headed to pool. Yes I live by a beach. But to many tourists so I soak in a pool. Then after getting out about 2 pm and sitting on my swing, BAM!! Lost my hearing vertigo hit, Welcome Mr. Meniers! Hubby had to help me to bed . Couldn’t even watch TV. Then daughter wants to face time! Ha ha! She’s like what the Hellas wrong with u! Then keeps chatting. Cause it’s nothing new in this family and no matter what I Love My Family.

So called off for work paid my fine, cause I’m a traveling nurse, it just comes out of my pay then headed to Grand Rapids!

State of course was in the building. And I was on the hall with the manager I can’t stand!

I got a funky B/P reading on the electronic so I went to get my manual cuff. And my nursing bag was gone!! Gone!! Yes my name is on it, no She didn’t tell me, and my truck keys where in it! I was beyond pissed!  When I finally found out where it was. In her office, she said it was an infection control issue. Well May my sports cup but the rest is nursing supplies. And yes I’m still upset!!!


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