3 Days and counting!

Why is it the last week’s of the contract are the worst! It’s like being in high school and having senioritis! But I am glad to leave. There have been good and bad just like other assignments. But it’s always nice to go back to your home facility.

So this weeks Shenanigans, got to my Airbnb  which I always highly suggest. I love mine and my lady Marcia we have become friends! I have gotten to know some of the neighbors. And I feel like it’s my second home. Gonna miss it. But she has another one one the beach in Holland, Michigan, so I will have to visit!

Now work I got put on the hall with the monster manager AGAIN! Remember I’m still upset from her Stealin, yes stealing my stuff! Well they give me 2 discharges in the middle of my morning med pass. Who does that? And why? Plus the first one only speaks Cantonese. Except to say Hello I only speaks Cantonese. So I ask Monster for help. And she is to busy. I have never done a discharge at this facility nor have I ever done one to a family that doesn’t speak English!! Fine Miss Monster.. I put on my Nurse face, smile go in and cat like I have done this before. I wasn’t sure what meds they went home with but I do know most pharmacies won’t take back a card even if 1 pill has been popped so… they got Everything! Hey I asked for help. Then. I forgot to get them to sign off on narcs I was sending home. Oops. That’s my fault do to frustration.  So I go back to med pass after that took an hour. Next discharge a bit easier. Same thing. Remembered to count and have them sign the received narcs.

Had to hang an IV  it States piggy back in Mar. No piggy back. Just ATB and flush. Nice patient talked me through how to use the machine.

Come 1 pm still doing morning meds New patient. Admit yeah me! I let therapy doctors and every one else go in first. Smart huh. Besides I had to find this other patients meds who came in last night. Like why would you put them in the cart. ? Who knows. Plus he had another IV piggy back that was not ,( so many typo on med cards I don’t know how they passed state!) Had to hunt down an RN to hang the 1st one (I’m an LPN) cause that’s not in my scope of practice , luckily he was Super nice!!! 🙂

Well come 3 I get pulled to another unit, yeah!! By the time I get up there. Next med pass round. So one one of the aides asked me when I ate last I said yesterday. I must have been Hangry! Lol! And he made me sit and eat! Thank You Chad!!

So having a shotty day already I decided to go get my daith piercing done to help with my head pressure from my Meniers since my doctor won’t let me try botox. And it was 2 for $30 a Screaming Needle. The guy in the next cube was cracking on me cause I asked if they had candy just in case then they kept me chatting for a bit. Yes I was in my scrubs. Why change. I didn’t get out of work till 8  but was supposed to be off at 6. I also got my cronch that one’s still throbbing.

So woke up @ 4 with a headache wasn’t that piercing supposed to help with this?

16 hour day ahead better day. On the South side with Jamie Miss Fabulous Manager!! Had nursing students, that’s good and bad. Then got moved to long term care for 2nd shift where I basically had to save to peg 2 pts lives the stupid nurse before me, I’m pretty sure flush ed them with the stuff we flush Foleys with so I used good old Google  And by the end of my shift every one was fine. Trach care done people still alive. Wheew….. I couldn’t prove she did this except smell what was in the peg flus cup and noticed the peg plunger had similar smell and they had similar symptoms. And something she said stuck in my mind then one of the residents not feeling well not wanting to get up and be social. Look I’m a detective as well as a Nurse!

Got up next day for work and Mr Meniers decided to visit. Stood up and to the floor I went! Not 1 time but 2 so, was it from stress, not eating, I did have a piece of pizza with pep and bacon and a bowl of soup day 2; so was it sodium? Oh my aide was in years as well this night so I got to be a counselor just cause she didn’t get a lunch!?!? Really!?!

Marcia showed up at the condo we chatted I head home. Did fine most of my drive got a little loopy last half hour or so. My daughter kept texting me checking on me. Home grabbed my outdoor blanket and pillow the fan a cold glass of water and my animals cuddled. Cause they know, so I slept till my daughter got home then Mom Daughter time till I went back to bed around 8.


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