Turtle is MIA!!!!

So this week I worked like 50 hours in my 3 days. Yes as a Nurse this is very easy to do! First 2 days went fine even with the full moon, then day 3. Just knew it was gonna happen. Sent 2 out, 1 admit and a fall, and that was first shift. I kept telling th girls we needed to leave and get margaritas and nachos. They were like it’s 10 in the morning! Ehhh!  Then I started maybe next summer I would take it easy and just be a life guard at the beach. Then Marissa, another nurse, stated. Oh no I wouldn’t want that job, what if u had to save a life..  Really!!!?? 😁 I got a good laugh out of this. We take care of ppl with traumatic brain injuries..So silly.

On my 2 hour drive home a prius hybrid thought it wanted to share my lane . 1 I’m tired 2 I drive an F150, 3 it’s aluminum model so go ahead and hit me I’d take another truck !

Ok vent over. 100 degrees Sat outside on porch by pond with a fan, yes with a fan.  And noticed…. no turtle.. where’s my turtle? So I left the comfort of the fan and me my white dog Winter and cat Zoe went looking.. under all plants and bushes in the yard. No turtle..:(

Rest of day was relaxing fell asleep soaking in the pool then went shopping with hubby.

Now we are headed to Illinois for a friend/family Birthday party and my husband thinks the highway is a Lemans race!LOL!

Meniers update head pressure, tired and zoning kinda day.


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