Work full of Monday’s!

So what a work week, by that I mean my 3 days.  My day started off with my minears disease acting up vertigo, head pressure, and loud tinnitus and drainage from my left ear. Then my drive was full of police. So I set my cruise control( a tip my Hubby gave me). Got to my hotel and a bunch of teenagers around, no problem BUT I had an adjoining room and just as I was going to sleep it was party time for them.

I spoke with the staff and they were AWESOME! Gave me a new room, a suite, nonetheless. Koodos Clairian Hotel in Grand Rapids!

Next day my head still off was dropping things, a lot, had to fix some paperwork. Cause as a traveling nurse. U R expected to know everything about everything and this company’s charting system is something else. I hope to never use Vision program again after this and I will run if I hear a company is using it! 😱

Then the next day I over slept by a lot. I never do this. Then again fatigue is part of minears,  but I stayed and did stuff they asked some paperwork worked 2 different floors, yadda, yadda.  Day 3 I was on the same hall all 16 hours! I even got a lunch! But forgot to chart some meds I gave. So got the call on my drive home to verify I gave them. Then today my recruiter texts and says they want me to extend my contract. NO!.

So the pond… still leaking:( beyond disappointed. I’m just gonna redo the whole thing cause my Hubby says no to whirring someone.

Now as I sit here waiting this my canopy sail just broke and is flapping in the wind.

Guess I will take it down and do laundry.


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